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A Piece of My Mind

Peace of Mind — Your will, your way

Thinkity think thank thunk

Prescott High School presents Seussical the Musical this weekend at the Prescott Performing Arts Center — join me in supporting our students in their theatrical endeavors!

While a few Dr. Seuss books were a significant part of my childhood — my dad still recites “One Fish, Two Fish” from memory, now for my kids — many remain unfamiliar to me. In preparation for the show, my six-year-old has been scouring the library shelves in an effort to get to know Horton, Judge Yertle, the Wickersham Brothers, and other characters we haven’t met yet.

Meanwhile, I revisited “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” for the first time since my high school graduation, and found myself thinking about estate planning instead of getting all sentimental. In particular, this quote stood out to me: “You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself any direction you choose!”

There are always several options on how to handle your finances and property. One thing that is non-negotiable, however, is that my clients need to have enough information to comfortably make their own decisions. When it comes to estate planning, you are the best person to choose the proper direction for your family. I am happy to help you map out a couple of routes … but when it is time to steer, you will be in the driver’s seat.


After the show this weekend, I am sure to have the song “Oh, the thinks you can think!” stuck in my head, so here is a preview of the “thinks” I will be writing about next week:

Some of the most heartbreaking issues I see involve small estates where $15,000 could have been passed on to heirs by filling out a simple form, and instead they are left sorting out money between creditors. While having a will is essential, the most important decisions you make involve managing your property and bank/investment accounts in such a way that your will serves as more of a safety net than a set of instructions.